Reimagining the ayurvedic e-commerce experience: Combining the old with the new

Veda Naturals eschews modern dependence on pharmaceuticals in favour of time-honoured herbs inspired by 5000 years of Ayurvedic tradition. The company takes a holistic view of health, spotlighting nature-human connection as the purest form of nourishment. Veda Naturals worked with Bonanza Design in an intense one-week sprint, re-designing their e-commerce experience, threading storytelling into their products, and rebranding and restructuring their website architecture.

Branding and UX DESIGN
Team Size
2 UX designers, 1 UI designer, 1 creative artist


One week was an ambitious undertaking to rebrand an entire company; organisation and efficiency were key. Bonanza Design kicked off the sprint with a concept workshop. The decision makers of Veda Naturals gathered together to provide the team with clarity on both their current state and their vision for the future. The participants brainstormed on how exactly we could scale the platform and provide an offering to rival the most versatile of the myriad of e-commerce offerings.

Whilst Veda concentrated on the big-sky picture, the Bonanza Design team focused in on their market, researching the main competitors and performing a thorough content audit on their website. From these strands of research, the team were able to produce a concept and low-fidelity prototype. The next step was to move on to the mid-fidelity prototypes and present the structure and functionality of the website to Veda.

Bonanza Design facilitated a mid-week presentation with Veda, showcasing the work so far and the concepts the team were going to move forward with; this allowed for an instantaneous iteration session and made sure that the client’s vision stayed at the centre of the sprint.

Once the Veda team gave the green light to proceed, the Bonanza Design team got to work on the high-fidelity prototypes and the re-design of the brand and user interface.

Thanks to the trademarked Bonanza Design roadmap, clear and efficient client communication, and positive and collaborative teamwork, we were able in just one week to present Veda Naturals with a product that we were proud to put our name to.

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