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Nasara is dedicated to helping merchants thrive and makes customer relationships easier by moving them to Whatsapp. With Nasara, sellers can create an appealing shop front, evaluate customer interactions and set up message automation. Bonanza Design created the Nasara platform in a 6-week UX Design & Branding Sprint. The team crafted an experience that both target (sellers) and end customers (buyers) would find value in.

Branding and UX DESIGN
Team Size
3 UX designers, 1 UI designer, 1 creative artist


The first week of the project was dedicated to understanding the problem at hand, and researching potential solutions.

We commenced by researching the potential customer base, the emerging market of informal and solo entrepreneurs. Nasara would also aid larger companies to connect and track their customer base. We then performed a thorough competitive analysis of 5 competitors.

We were able to deepen our understanding of the context, needs and painpoints of the customers, by having expert interviews with merchants who may look to using the product. We created a user journey flow from one interview. After familiarising ourselves with the customer base, we were then able to create two personas to humanise the two key customer types: sellers and buyers.



The concept phase begun with a discovery worksop with the stakeholders of Nasara. We used this opportunity to flesh out the brief, with an open discussion about the concept expectations and aspirations.

Based on our findings, we then diverged by sketching 4 concept ideas. Next we drafted low fidelity designs.

In the proceeding worksop, we presented our strongest concept, after defining the requirements of each screen. The Nasara team then shared their feedback and we were able to further clarify the approach for the features and functions of the platform.



Now that the concept was compelling, we could begin the mid-fidelity prototypes. We further clarified the functionality, layout, and structure of the platform. This week was challenging as we designed from two perspectives: the seller (direct customers) and the buyers (end customers).

We continuously improved the design by having internal feedback sessions. We also priorotised communicating with the client, to ensure our progress remained aligned with their vision.



After iterating the prototype towards it’s final form, we designed the mobile screens, to give the prototype a basic responsive design.

Our creative artist and UI designers simultaneously prepared visual design directions for the Nasara team to choose from. By working alongside eachother, we were able to achieve an efficient workflow that didn’t rely on a linear waterfall process.



To initiate the high fidelity design phase, we had the client decide on one of the three design directions established by the interface designers. Following this, we defined our branding look and feel, as well as the UI library.

We then implemented the selected visual direction to our designs, resulting in our high fidelity prototype for both web and mobile solutions.



After a productive few weeks of designing and iterating, we were able to deliver everything on time. We then hosted a show and tell for the client. The mutual satisfaction for the outcome of the project resulted in an optimistic discussion about the future developments of Nasara.

The platform will come in the form of several types of monthly and annual subscription, with features, limits and customization choices depending on the subscription.


We successfully created a robust platform that only requires a few clicks to help people build their dream business. Nasara services an informal market of solo entrepreneurs who might not find other solutions to be accessible to them.

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