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Fulfin is a pioneering fintech company with an unmatched space in the European e-commerce sector. When a business is ready to scale, Fulfin comes in to provide them with the appropriate resources. Bonanza Design had the pleasure of working with Fulfin’s team in a four-week UX Design Sprint. During the sprint, the teams re-designed the Fulfin platform experience (a responsive web application) and user interface, as well as working on new features.

Team Size
2 UX designers, 1 Ui designer, 1 creative artist


Fulfin were looking to improve the user experience on their app and approached Bonanza Design with a proposal to simplify a process: applying for a loan as a small business. Bonanza Design conducted research into the fintech world in order to understand Fulfin’s position among its market competitors. The client provided us with their own research; bringing the two together allowed for a deep understanding of the market and laid solid groundwork from which to begin the sprint.



The Bonanza Design team officially kicked off the project by facilitating a three-hour workshop with the Fulfin stakeholders to get a full understanding of their vision. Discussions centred on buyer personas, emphasising potential new features, and storyboarding the user journey. Fulfin’s concept to improve the user experience expanded and took shape into several new features: keeping track of a loan application; easier communication between Fulfin and their customers; a simplified process to take out multiple loans; and offering guidance to small businesses about the best loan for them.



The work between Fulfin and Bonanza Design in week 2 produced a strong foundation for week 3. The user flows and features had been clarified from Fulfin’s original ideas and agreed upon by both teams. Bonanza Design’s iteration processes ensured that Fulfin stayed active and involved at every step. At the end of the week, Bonanza Design were able to provide four mid-level prototypes, each moving closer to Fulfin’s vision.



Once the final mid-fidelity prototypes and UI style had been approved by Fulfin, the sprint moved on to its final stage: designing the high-fidelity screens for both desktop and mobile usage. By the end of the sprint, the team presented Fulfin with a fully-realised conception of their original idea, an app with a streamlined user journey that centred the comfort and understanding of the customer.


Once Fulfin launched their new platform, the completion time decreased by more than a day (5.1 days to 3.6 days)!

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