ABCD Test – Finding the right price point

Our clients were already fully operational in a number of countries and were looking to expand into the German market.
The first sprints with this company focused on discovering a product for them to launch. Through Bonanza Design’s trademarked Design Sprints, the client was able to see the relative performances of 11 different products and received detailed and numbers-based reports on their success. Together we alighted on a product that stood out; from there, we needed to detail the appearance of the product and its price point. The Bonanza Design team constructed an A/B/C/D test to experiment with four different price points.

Lean Innovation
2 Weeks
Team Size
2 Innovation Manager

Week Define & Finalise

In order to test the pricing of the product, it was first necessary to finalise said product with the client. From there, the Bonanza Design team created four identical landing pages with just one difference: the price. As that was the only variable, it would be easy to identify the best outcome.


Week Experiment & Validate

In order to accurately compare our results, we let each experiment run until they had collected similar amounts of data (around five days). We used informative metrics (clicks, impressions, cost-per-click, conversion, etc.) to compile a report that would give a comparative overview of the performance of different price points. The Bonanza Design team put forward these results in the form of a presentation, laying out the processes in such a way as to allow the client to clearly follow the journey and challenge it at any point.

This mini-sprint was just one part of the umbrella lean innovation project we ran with the client. Within just eight weeks, Bonanza Design provided the client with the premier product with which to enter the German market, as well as the most fitting market niche and price point.

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