UX Design Internship (m / w / d) (for early 2022)

Position: UX Design Internship (m / w / d)
Type: Full time
Starting date: as soon as possible
Financial Package: First 3-month Trial= No pay. The second 3-months = Based on the project you’re working on, Minimum 1000€.
Duration: 6 months at least
Location: Solmsstraße 18, 10961 Berlin

Promise: If you keep growing through your internship, we’ll offer you a full-time contract at the end of it

About Bonanza Design

Bonanza Design is a creative studio based in Berlin, Germany. Our team contains some of the most talented UX designers and researchers. And we’re looking for you!


About the Role

At Bonanza Design, your role is defined based on the projects you’re involved in. On each given month, we’ll be working on several projects and you get to choose which project you’d like to get involved with.

You set your working hours and you can work onsite or remote. As long as the projects move forward, we’re good.

We can go on and on but it’s better that you read this post


You’ll be working hand in hand with Behrad and he mentors you while you’re handling your projects.



In case you’re interested, tell us who you’re. Write us at contact@v2.bonanza.design