Internship: User Experience Designer

Position: User Experience Designer Intern
Type: Internship
Starting date: as soon as possible
Financial Package: First 3-month Trial= No pay. The second 3-months = Based on the project you’re working on, Minimum 1000€.
Duration: 6 months at least
Location: Remote

Promise: If you keep growing through your internship, we’ll offer you a full-time contract at the end of it


About Bonanza Design

Bonanza Design is growing and I’m looking for talented UX designers.

Running a creative studio is all about working with people. We’re very selective about whom we welcome to our team. The culture and our team are what make the work at Bonanza Design joyous and exciting.

We’re 14 people and 8 👦🏻 and 6 🙋‍♀️ – and 9 nationalities 🇫🇲

We have multiple open UX positions. Senior, Junior or you’re all welcome to apply.

We’re determined to create the most exciting workplace for creatives. We’ll soon have offices in Lisbon and Barcelona besides Berlin.

By joining the Bonanza Design team, from day 1, you’ll get involved in real projects. You’ll leapfrog your career in about a year. You simply learn so much in such a short amount of time.

You’ll have this unique chance to work on a diverse range of design projects. Last year alone, we developed about 15 applications.


About the Role

If this is you, please apply

– If you’re an independent designer and love to grow into a lead designer
– If your design style is unique
– If your design hand is fast and it doesn’t take you ages to put together prototypes
– If you’re hyper-curious and not afraid of asking questions, taking initiative, and breakings things
– If you have a healthy relationship with rejection, and accept compliments
– If you have a grip on the perfectionist side you. You’re a believer in iteration and you know that great works require many iterations

🌟 You’ll get the chance to grow yourself in an environment designed and led by designers
🌟 You can openly offer feedback and change the course of the organization


How to Apply

1. Send your Portfolio: Years of work don’t matter. But you must have been working on several projects.

⚠️ Please don’t apply if you’ve done only a project or two

2. You need to be fluent in English

If you’re not yet able to communicate properly in English, I’m afraid this is not for you

3. Send your CV: Usually, that’s the last thing I look at. I can’t care less if you studied at Harvard or somewhere else

4. Please be patient. I may get back to you in a month. I look into every applicant myself

5. Don’t expect a reply

I cannot thank you enough to consider us. But please don’t expect a reply